Creating a stunning website is one thing but if it gets no visitors it will not generate any leads or enquiries for your business.

We concentrate on strategies that directly target potential customers.

We bring out your business to the world where advertisements cannot not reach.

This is where a strong online marketing strategy comes in.

Not thinking about an online marketing strategy, is like spending your entire budget on a fantastic brochure without bothering to send them to potential customers.

Without a online marketing strategy, your website will be relying on pot luck only to climb the rankings.

go4more Internet provides e-marketing and online marketing solutions for companies of all sizes.

The techniques we use vary, but have one thing in common – they bring in more customers than traditional marketing techniques but at less cost.

Online Marketing

There are many areas of online marketing, which typically are designed to drive traffic to your website. These include:

Social Networking Marketing

(e.g. Facebook and Twitter. It’s important to have a social media marketing plan.Social Media Marketing

Keyword Analysis and Scheduling .

Keyword AnalysisKeyword Analysis and Scheduling .


Pay Per ClickSponsored search engine listings (e.g.Google Adwords). Often know as Pay Per Click (PPC).

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail MarketingThe use of e-marketing, including mass e-shots, is highly effective if done correctly..

Engagement Profiling

Communities & NetworksUsing customer user flow research  cresting a customer experience across multi media channels.

Website Optimisation

Website OptimizationA good loading speed is vital to keep customers engaged and achieve good search engine rankings.


We work with you to identify the most effective methods of marketing your website. We then put together an online marketing plan with agreed budgets and deliverables.

We understand that whatever we do, it must provide a return on investment. Marketing is not just a black hole to pour money into and hope that something comes out. This is particularly the case online where you can much more effectively track what is and is not working.